This class is unlike any other childbirth class.

So many course focus on informing you and teaching you about birth. This class reminds you of what your body already knows birth is and shares the past and current landscapes of birth.

It is an embodied experience for both the birthing person and their partner.

Birth is an

Embodied Experience

Hannah created the Mindfulness Childbirth Course because she knew the power of being in the body and witnessing the wisdom there.

Most Childbirth classes are for the neck-up, heady information on how to have the “right” birth and how to mother the “right” way.

The thing is, which you will understand as you cross the threshold into parenthood. . . there is no “right” way. There is only the right way for you and your baby. 

This is what pregnancy is inviting you into knowing. That your body and soul were made to nurture and care for this little one. 

What's Included:

  • Hours of Video Content
  • 35-page Guide and Workbook
  • Meditations
  • Practices to Integrate into Your Day
  • Tools to Communicate Your Desires with Your Healthcare Team (Birth Plan)
  • Journalling Prompts
  • PDF Resource Library

Plus, discover how YOUR UNIQUE relationship translates to the birth room and how your partner can best support you.

Where can you find a course that informs you of your options but also

gives you space to feel into what comes up in your body as you learn about birth?

(Because feelings will come up)

In this class, through mindfulness techniques and energetics, you and your partner will have space to connect to your bodies, notice what is coming up for you, and workshop it within the class.

So that the information you learn lands on a body level. 

Birth is a unique experience for each person, and this class focuses on guiding you through YOUR experience.

Instead of spending hours listening to information, each learning week is split into short lessons. You can sit down and watch it all in one evening or watch a video each day of the week. Whatever works for your learning style and schedule

When you've finished the modules, we will gather in a private meeting to dig into any questions or process what may have come up for you during that week’s content.

You will finish the course understanding your options, with a birth plan to discuss with your provider and an understanding of how to make the decisions that feel most aligned for you and your baby.

Sacred Pregnancy

During this module we will dive into all things pregnancy and how to connect to your ever-changing body and baby. We will also look at the history and current landscape of birth. This helps you identify subconscious beliefs you hold around this transition and decide if these beliefs serve you anymore.

Sovereign Birth

What is birth and what can it look like? We learn all this and all the possibilities of birth, all the ways to support YOUR body during birth, and how YOUR relationship translates to the birth space.

Navigating to Bliss

Where you discover YOUR heart's vision for this experience! For each person this will look different. Once you discover your vision it will act as a lamp post guiding you through each thing that will arise through pregnancy, birth, and postpartum.

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What People Are Saying

"Hannah, your class was transformative. It has truly made such an impact for us. So informative, yet easily digestible. You took a plethora of info and broke it down in such a fluid way."

"This class changed everything for us. With the first two births, I had no idea what my options were. This time I felt empowered in my choices and trusting in my body."

35 Page Workbook Included

Not everything will land and that is why you get a book filled with the facts, illustrations, and journaling prompts to take you deeper when you are ready. 

This class is packed with information and resources for you to dive into where you feel called, but the structure of the class allows what information your body is ready for to land and anything else to fall away. 

Course Curriculum

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  Module One - Sacred Pregnancy
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  Module Two - Sovereign Birth
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  Module Three - Navigating to Bliss
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  Bonuses & Resources
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